Free women. Strong. Visionary. Ultra feminine. L'Acquarossa is a tribute to women who dare to break down barriers, codes and boundaries. A fiery temperament illustrating the triumph of passion: this ardent femininity could only be symbolized by one single colour… Red. A banner brandished by the Fendi woman. The colour of blazing femininity… and an impassioned embrace.


A dazzling bottle. Its angular and monumental geometry recalls the perfect and majestic architecture of Roman monuments, revisited with spare contemporary lines. Red lacquered to perfection, it is polished, gleaming, cosmetic and impeccable. Gold, the archetypal colour of luxury, returns to richly and elegantly enhance the red lacquer. Hallmarked with the famous interlaced Fs of the Fendi family name, it is a solid, sublime and Olympian pedestal on a bottle that is delicate yet powerful.


A declaration of ultra-femininity, a manifesto for hyper-sophistication, the fragrance opens with explosive and vivacious notes of Bergamot from Calabria and Tangerine from Sicily, rounded with a delicious and elegant Plum accord. The heart throbs with the scents of the Lantana Flower, an unprecedented approach, enhanced by a noble bouquet of essence of Rose, Orange Blossom and Magnolia. In the base, the essence of Red Cedar, Musk and Patchouli from Indonesia confirm a powerfully feminine and highly sophisticated composition.

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