Pink Fabric Bags Woman

Embroidered pink canvas bag

€ 1.980,00

Iconic Baguette bag made from pink canvas with all-over embroidered FF motif and decorated with an FF clasp. Featuring a front flap, magnetic...

Pink lace bag

€ 4.600,00

Iconic Peekaboo ISeeU bag, medium size made with a pink macramé lace-effect embroidery and vinyl inlays, embellished with the classic twist lock on...

Pink satin bag

€ 3.300,00

Iconic Peekaboo ISeeU horizontal design bag made of pink satin with a chevron quilted motif and embellished with the classic twist lock on both...

Bag in pink inlaid sheepskin

€ 3.900,00

Iconic large Baguette bag made from pink sheepskin with inlaid animal print motif in shades of black and brown. Decorated with an FF...

Pink terry bag

€ 1.750,00

New Baguette Belt with flap and FF magnetic clasp. It can be worn either as a belt bag, using the pull-out strap in external pocket on the back, or as...

Pink terry shopper

€ 1.980,00

Sunshine Shopper bag made from pink cotton terry, finished with the embossed FF motif and stiff plexiglass handles with a tortoiseshell...

Pink canvas mini-bag

€ 1.490,00

Small Mon Tresor bucket bag with drawstring fastening and metal decorations in the Fendi logo shape. Two detachable shoulder straps, one long and one...