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LIVINGFendi Casa's spaces epitomize comfort and quality, utilizing premium leathers and fabrics and inviting designs. EXPLORE EXPLORE

DININGFurnishings and accents strike a harmonious balance between design and function, in a setting defined by fine craftsmanship and elegance. EXPLORE EXPLORE

KITCHENFENDI joins Scic for the creation of FENDI CUCINEThe design is pure and essential, with handmade finishings and an exclusive mix of colors and materials, thus allowing to perform at the highest level. Several FENDI references are included in the design that impactfully comes back with a new, expressive and unique motif. EXPLORE EXPLORE

bedroomFendi Casa imbues a sense of timeless tranquility into bedroom furnishings, featuring luxurious design details and a cozy yet sophisticated character. EXPLORE EXPLORE

LIGHTINGFendi Casa offers lamps and lighting systems, the result of a harmonious and reciprocal fusion between design and fashion. Furnishing solutions of the utmost functionality, crafted with excellence and made in Italy.

OUTDOORFendi Outdoor collection is designed for unwinding, enjoying nature's surroundings and entertaining guests with elegance and comfort. EXPLORE EXPLORE