Fashion Jewelry Woman Wool

Gold-color necklace

C$ 990.00

Necklace with FF Baguette-shaped details. Made of metal with gold finish and embossed diamond effect. Made in Italy

Gold-color necklace

C$ 790.00

Thin double necklace with FF Baguette motif. The different lengths mean they can be worn together or as two separate necklaces. Clip closure. Made of...

Rose-gold necklace

C$ 470.00

Chain necklace with ornaments in the F is Fendi logo shape. Small clip fastening and logo plate. Made of metal with a rose-gold finish. Decorated with...

Gold-color necklace

C$ 1,950.00

Chain necklace with medal-shaped pendant and two tassels. Closure with small clip. Made of vintage dark golden metal. Finished with...