• Jersey Fendi Bear With Logo

    FF Logo teddy bear

    CHF 720,00
  • Baby Blanket

    Cotton and cashmere knit blanket with FF logo

    CHF 570,00
  • Baby Hat

    FF Logo knitted hat

    CHF 250,00
  • Set Of Socks

    Set of multicolour cotton baby socks

    CHF 160,00
  • Playsuit

    Tobacco cotton and cashmere playsuit

    CHF 720,00
  • Baby Sandals

    Leather baby sandals

    CHF 340,00
  • Baby Kit

    Beige jersey Fendi Roma kit

    CHF 430,00

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  • Baby Sleeping Bag

    Beige jersey Fendi Roma sleeping bag

    CHF 370,00

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  • Baby Blanket

    Beige jersey Fendi Roma blanket

    CHF 320,00

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  • Stroller

    Stroller in FF fabric

    CHF 2.950,00
  • Changing bag

    FF Logo Changing Bag

    CHF 2.150,00
  • Baby Carrier

    Baby carrier with logo

    CHF 1.100,00