• Junior FF Hat

    FF nylon hat with Fendi Roma

    CHF 350,00
  • Junior FF Belt Bag

    Nylon Fendi Roma logo belt bag

    CHF 690,00
  • Junior Cloche Hat

    Yellow and FF nylon reversible cloche hat

    CHF 320,00
  • Junior FF Backpack

    FF nylon backpack with Fendi Roma print

    CHF 950,00
  • Fendi-Micro Baby Scooter

    Fendi - Micro baby kick scooter

    CHF 530,00
  • Weekend Bag

    Nylon weekend bag with Fendi Roma print

    CHF 1.490,00
  • Junior Baseball Cap

    Nylon baseball cap with logo

    CHF 710,00
  • Set of Notebooks and Pencils

    Back to school set with multicolour notebooks + coloured pencils

    CHF 340,00
  • Skateboard with Skateboard Holder

    Wooden skateboard with logo and skateboard holder

    CHF 920,00
  • Fendi Junior Micro Baby Scooter

    Fendi - Micro aluminium junior scooter

    CHF 890,00
  • Teddy Bear Brooch

    FF neoprene brooch

    CHF 590,00
  • Jersey Fendi Bear With Logo

    FF Logo teddy bear

    CHF 720,00