Brown Bag Accessories Man

Brown fabric can holder

€ 390,00

Cylindrical design can holder with clip and zip fastening. Made in fabric with jacquard FF motif. Finished with leather details in shades of sage...

Brown fabric charm

€ 450,00

Iconic Baguette bag in micro version, with flap and FF fastening with magnetic clasp. The clip and buckle on the back allow it to be attached to...

Brown fabric lanyard

€ 220,00

Lanyard with clip. Made of glazed brown jacquard fabric with jacquard FF motif. Palladium-finish metalware. Made in Italy

Brown leather strap

€ 250,00

Key ring with clip. Made of brown leather. FF pattern printed in relief and hand-painted in black. Palladium-finish metalware. Made in Italy

Brown fabric shoulder strap

€ 490,00

Long shoulder strap with double clip, to use in combination with any bag with hooks. Made of brown glazed fabric with jacquard FF motif....

Multicolour sheepskin charm

€ 620,00

Charm with zip, leather strap and clip with customised logo plate. Made of brown sheepskin. Macro FF printed in contrast. Gold-finish...

Brown sheepskin charm

€ 720,00

Die-shaped charm with zip closure. Leather strap and clip with branded plate. Made of brown sheepskin, with yellow FF motif inlay. Palladium-finish...

Brown metal bottle opener

€ 290,00

Bottle opener in the shape of a small shovel with clip and ring keyring. Made in metal with a palladium finish. Enamelled details in yellow shades and...

Brown leather key ring

€ 290,00

Key ring in the shape of a small rake, with clip and customised ring. Made of gold-finish metal. Brown Cuoio Romano leather details. Made in Italy