Shaved mink with striped collar and flowers motif Tenenbaum coat, unlined, telaio and inlay workmanship.

Degradé shaved mink coat with lace motif, unlined, carved workmanship.

Multicolor flowers fox cover up with gros grain ribbons, inlay workmanship.

Degradé fox and shearling hooded vest, inlay workmanship.

Fox coat with striped pockets and orylag collar, wholeskin and alternated workmanship.

Dyed sable and mink reversible hooded parka, telaio workmanship.

Striped fox scarf with studded buckle.

Bordeaux scalloped leather Kan I bag with pequin elaphe flap. Multicolor mink and fox fur and bordeaux alpaca fur Bag Bug charm.

Dyed sable bomber jacket with sculpted mink details, wholeskin workmanship.

Degradé Colour Pequin coat with studded belt, unlined.

Travel bicolor mink transformer coat with detachable hood, unlined and reversible.

Multicolor flowers fox on double face cashmere coat, inlay workmanship.

Finnjaguar mink cape, unlined, gheronato and inlay workmanship.

Finnjaguar mink flare coat, unlined, gheronato and inlay workmanship. Multicolor mink and fox fur and green kidassia fur Bag Bug charm.

Multicolor mink and shearling bomber jacket, inlay workmanship.

Persian transformer coat with zipped waist, unlined.

Fendi logo fox buckle scarf.

Finnjaguar mink Tenenbaum coat, unlined, gheronato and inlay workmanship.

Sculpted and laminated mink cape, unlined, “cioccolatino” workmanship. Red fox and rex fur FENDI Fruits bag charm. Multicolor velvet embroidery Regular Peekaboo bag.

Metallized sculpted and laminated mink coat, unlined, “cioccolatino” workmanship.

Dyed sable hooded vest with contrasting pockets, wholeskin workmanship.

Waves mink coat with leather trimmings and studded collar, unlined.

Waves mink vest with leather trimmings and studded collar, unlined.

Metallized sable cape with contrasting piping, wholeskin workmanship.

Dyed chinchilla cape with sable collar, bobcat pockets and contrasting trim, diagonal workmanship.

Travel bicolor mink transformer vest with double zip detail, unlined and reversible.

Multicolor fox Scarf tale, inlay workmanship.

Mink short jacket with mink flowers appliqué, unlined, wholeskin workmanship.

Bobcat jacket with sable “scallops” collar, mink piping and fox cuff.

Shaved mink flare coat with 3D mink flowers motif and appliqué, unlined, inlay workmanship.

Swakara persian flare coat with 3D mink flowers motif, unlined, inlay workmanship.

Persian cape with mink collar and shaved mink illusion motif, unlined, inlay workmanship.

Dyed chinchilla bolero with mink piping, diagonal workmanship.

Silvery sable short jacket with mink piping and contrasting cuff, wholeskin workmanship.

Puzzle mink cape with perforated leather trimmings, inlay workmanship.