Fendi O’Lock Red Wine Glass

Black crystal glass

Colour: Black

Collection of Fendi Casa crystal glasses with black conical base. Symbolic of refined creative intuition, since 1987, this line of glasses takes inspiration directly from Anna Fendi's private collection. The careful attention to detail is evident in the delicate decoration with the gold-coloured Fendi O’Lock logo. Unique, sophisticated glasses created to make every dining experience special.
Made in Italy

Composition: 100%glass
Size worn: null
  • Height: 258 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
Product Code: 7AC106AMQNF0CJK
Product Care: Clean the glass by hand with soap flakes or a gentle liquid detergent, making sure you are not wearing rings or bracelets that could scratch it. Avoid the use of normal dishwasher detergents.
Use a cloth slightly soaked in vinegar to remove stains or residues.
Store the items at ambient temperature and avoid hard surfaces. Keep glasses or bowls with feet separate and do not stack them to prevent them chipping or getting stuck; if that happens, apply hot water to the surface to separate them.
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