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Meet Jackson Wang

Hong Kong rapper, super-star singer and dancer, Jackson Wang plays hard with the South Korean boy-group Got7 and is also known as a solo artist and TV host in China.  Not enough? He’s extremely talented and multilingual!

1. What’s the one song that’s always on your mind?
FendiMan! You know, FendiMan is not two words… it’s FendiMan, it’s a word that I created ;-)

2. Best song for singing in the shower?
Mhmm… FendiMan!

3. What advice would you give to aspiring singers?
Just always be hungry and never regret the choices you make. 

4. What’s your favorite Italian word?
Ti amo tanto!

5. Do you have a secret ritual before going on stage?
Just try to calm myself down and try not to eat a lot. 

6. What’s your dream collab?
My dream collaboration would probably be with an American artist, or maybe like an underground, Italian rapper.

7. What’s freedom for you?
Freedom is just being able to do what you love every day. 

8. Would you say you’re a freak like us from F is For… Fendi? If so, why?
I’m hell of a freak. I’m a freaking freak! I think it’s because of how I live and how I think... I don’t think with boundaries, I always think out of the box. 

9. F is for…?

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