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Time to pink at Pietro Nolita

Take a plunge into the pinkness of Pietro Nolita, a kitschy Italian restaurant with the look and feel of a 1950s American diner.

A very pink stone entrance dotted with pretty plants calls for you: it’s Pietro Quaglia’s and Mina Soliman’s, Pietro Nolita. Not your traditional take on Italy’s typical trattoria but a place of powerful pinkdom oozing love, fun and happiness to the taste of a marvellous menu.

Inspired by the cooking wonders of Pietro’s ‘mamma’ and animated by chef Oliviero Borgna, the light n’ healthy Mediterranean idea throws back big time Italian classics with a twist. Nothing like the pasta we know!

With a following of fashion aficionados and a fashionista face itself, Pietro Nolita is already on New York’s radar of musts. After all, how could you not want to experience a place as “Pink As F**k” (when they’ve even got t-shirts to state it!)?

174 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 – 646.998.4999


174 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 646.998.4999

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