The Sweet Dream

Fendi's Spring/Summer 2017 window installations feature new bespoke artwork by contemporary German artist Anke Eilergerhard. Countless pastel-colored silicone swirls recall dollops of whipped cream, towering in precarious piles of fine floral porcelain. The French-inspired opulence of the collection continues into the sculptures, connecting the worlds of fashion and art through the lens of humanity's notions of beauty. 

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The Sweet Dream windows will be featured in Fendi Boutiques from Milan to Paris to New York, Rome, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai.

“When these lush, strangely luxurious sculptures — with their esprit, their nimble wit and their mysterious, metamorphic beauty — meet with the luxury products in Fendi’s flagship stores, the fragility and the ephemerality of the beautiful and everything we associate with it — lust, love, appearance and reality — are contemplated anew in a manner that is, so to speak, bifocal and always idiosyncratic in every case,” Anke Eilergerhard.