From the slopes to the après-ski, this season's selection showcases the Maison’s mastery of materials and heritage motifs in a sophisticated colour palette.
  • Leggings

    Black tech fabric leggings

    RM 5,450
  • Ski Goggles

    Brown ski googles

    RM 3,240
  • Ski Gloves

    Brown tech nylon gloves

    RM 2,860
  • FF Ski

    Blizzard X Fendi skis

    RM 17,200
  • Signature Biker Boots

    Black leather biker boots with FF fabric

    RM 6,000
  • Biker Boots

    Black leather biker boots

    RM 6,900
  • New

    Light grey nylon gilet

    RM 13,100
  • Ski Jacket

    Grey nylon jacket

    RM 16,000
  • Ski Trousers

    Grey nylon trousers

    RM 9,600
  • Ski Gloves

    Grey nylon gloves

    RM 3,000
  • Ski jumper

    Grey tech fabric jumper

    RM 3,150
  • Sweatshirt

    White cotton sweatshirt

    RM 3,990