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Multifaceted. Daring. Elegant. The Fendi IShine is inspired by the eternal power of light, featuring three different gemstone configurations on the dial to be selected to express your different moods. 


Mysterious. Hypnotic. Surreal. Policromia, the haute joaillerie timepiece created in collaboration with Delfina Delettrez Fendi combines different layers and geometries in a modern manner.

Contemporary. Sophisticated. Versatile. The Selleria exemplifies the ultimate in artisanal workmanship and details that grab your attention. Customize your Selleria with a vast array of hand-stitched Fendi Cuoio Romano or exotics leather straps.


Men's Watches

Distinguished. Individual. Character. The Fendi Men's timepieces exemplify craftsmanship and style for the modern man.

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Momento Fendi Bugs

Daring. Mischievious. Modern. The Momento Bugs add a playul wink to this distinctive collection.

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