In 2017, FENDI started the collaboration with Social cooperative Lai-Momo and its ethical fashion laboratory Cartiera, two organisations which operate in the field of immigration and intercultural dialogue, as part of the Ethical Fashion Initiative programme by the United Nations.

With their projects they offer migrants and political asylum seekers new opportunities for employment and social integration, through training programmes in tailoring and leatherworking.

FENDI donates its end-of-production textiles and leather, as well as technical equipment, that Cartiera’s aspiring artisans use to create new products. In 2019, a training was held by FENDI for aspiring artisans to improve their leatherworking techniques. Cartiera’s artisans also manufacture the cotton dust-bags covering FENDI’s products.

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Progetto QUID is a fashion brand founded with the purpose of enabling disadvantaged and vulnerable categories of female workers enter the world of work. Their products are made from high quality textiles donated by some of Italy’s top fashion firms.

FENDI started the collaboration with Progetto QUID in 2020, with the donation of end-of-production textiles.

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A textile artisan from Progetto Quid.

A textile artisan from Progetto Quid.


Roma BPA Mamma Roma and its Best Children is a cultural association that promotes and connects the best ideas, projects and solutions for the rehabilitation of Rome's common goods. Every year, the association organizes the Roma Best Practices Award competition, that showcases the best initiatives active in Rome.

FENDI has been joining the collaboration between Roma BPA Mamma Roma e i suoi Figli Migliori association and the Hospitality School IPSSEOA “A. Vespucci” Roma section of Rebibbia, in the InDivisa project held at the Casa Circondariale Femminile “Germana Stefanini” Roma Rebibbia. FENDI donated end-of-production cotton and wool fabrics to the inmates involved in the prison’s tailoring workshop, who will transform them into beautiful catering and kitchen uniforms for the inmates attending the prison’s Hospitality School.

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An inmate from the Rebibbia Roman prison sewing fabrics donated by FENDI for catering uniforms.

An inmate from the Rebibbia Roman prison sewing fabrics donated by FENDI for catering uniforms.


Dress For Success is an international not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to empower women and help them create an economic foundation on which to build a more secure life, greater family stability and a role in the community. They do so by providing women the tools, the coaching and the attires to embark on a path of personal and professional success, supporting them from the job search, to employment, to adapting to the new professional context

FENDI collaborated with Dress For Success Rome in 2020 by donating uniforms and boots that will contribute to the association’s mission of giving women the confidence they need to re-enter the job market.

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A young woman wearing a business outfit chosen with Dress for Success – Rome.

A young woman wearing a business outfit chosen with Dress for Success – Rome.


FENDI assigns a great value to the raw material used for its products and has been implementing different strategies to reduce waste of pre-consumer surplus and end-of-production material.

The first approach is a waste-reduction-by-design: we are committed to minimizing the purchase of new raw material as we encourage our designers to optimize the use of materials already in stock in developing new collections.

Over the years FENDI has been putting in place a variety of collaborations to give these materials an exciting new life. Donations to associations like Cartiera, Progetto Quid and Roma BPA, and to leatherworking schools in Tuscany and Marche, turn end-of-production leathers and fabrics into a white canvas through which new generations of aspiring artisans can set their creativity free. To date, FENDI has donated more than 10,000 sqm of leather and 2,000 mt of fabrics.

With circularity in mind, starting from 2020 FENDI has been developing an ambitious waste management system with the objective to recycle and give new life to end-of-stock raw materials and unsold finished products. To do so, FENDI established a partnership with both Green Line and Reverso™. Green Line is an Italian company, partner of the circular and sustainable supply chain Reverso™, that collects and recycles fabrics and textile products. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, FENDI has been able to recycle wool, precious wool, cotton and denim, and put them back into the Reverso™ supply chain. Mixed-fibres fabrics are transformed into an innovative material that is then put back into cycle in the fashion or automotive industry.

Our circular waste management commitment extends to metallic accessories, and we have started collaborations with companies specialized in the recycling of metallic pieces and fashion jewellery.

Our ambition by 2023 is to be able to give new life, through recycling, donations and reuse, to all end-of stock raw materials.

Our Achievements
10 k sqm
Leather in stock donated to social cooperatives and associations
Our Target
0 %
Raw Material destruction by 2023