Circular Services


At FENDI, commitment to sustainability goes beyond fashion; it's a testament to its dedication to craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. Fendi stands as a guide of circular innovation, infusing vitality into its products and forging a responsible path forward.


Fendi Furever

Powered by expertise and creativity, the FENDI Fur Atelier and its artisans give new life to fur. With a commitment to a circular approach, FENDI elevates this noble material, pushing the boundaries of innovation while reducing the environmental impact. In the hands of FENDI’s artisans, fur becomes a canvas for sustainable artistry, embodying the essence of Fendi Furever.


The FENDI Fur Atelier and its artisans are committed to giving new life to fur through a circular approach.

IFENDI’s skilled artisans remodeled and restyled old articles, continuing their tradition of craftsmanship and dedication to preserving the essence of timeless luxury and transforming the dream of FENDI’s clients into reality.

An incredible way of reinventing and ennobling a highly sustainable material that celebrates the artisanal and environmental excellence of its fur masterpieces and demonstrates how fur, just like the most precious jewel, can last forever.



In its relentless pursuit of elevating fur, a material cherished for its preciousness and versatility, FENDI embraces a continuous journey of enhancement and ennoblement.

Within its Couture Collections, the ultimate expression of the Maison’s creativity and savoir-faire, FENDI showcases the transformative power of reusing precious materials. .

Upcycled fur pieces are an integral part of Couture Collections, exemplifying the circularity trend. In 2023, the fur upcycling initiative persisted, resulting in the completion of three projects:

  • Couture products: Through the utilization of this technique approximately 583 articles were successfully crafted for the 2024 Woman & Kids collection. These pieces were meticulously crafted using a wholly artisanal and manual technique, in collaboration with a Greek supplier. The process involved the creation of panels from various pieces of fox fur, sourced exclusively from certified Welfur pelts, including scraps collected from FENDI Atelier and other reputable manufacturers. These panels were expertly assembled to form the final products, embodying a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and responsible practices in the fashion industry.


  • Baguette bags: In November 2023, FENDI proudly unveiled a collection of 18 exclusive Baguette bags crafted from upcycled fur, which were made available in select boutiques worldwide. These exquisite bags were created by combining fur with leather and exotics sourced from FENDI's stocks, as well as materials from the dazzling Holiday windows setup in December 2022. Honoring FENDI's heritage and expertise, these bags represented a fusion of research, innovation, artisanal production, and zero-waste techniques, showcasing the Maison's mastery of materials. Each Baguette, which required approximately 150 hours of meticulous work, featured 3100 mink and nappa leather sequins intricately hand-cut and applied on organza strips, complemented by unique fur torchons. They were exclusively available at Palazzo FENDI in Rome, Largo Goldoni, Paris Avenue Montaigne, and London Harrods boutiques, starting November 2023.


  • Fendi dolls: these dolls are meticulously crafted using upcycled precious FENDI furs and leathers, showcasing a harmonious blend of excellence and sustainability in every aspect. Each FENDI doll is a numbered, unique masterpiece, meticulously designed to elevate the everyday imagination and cherished as heirlooms across generations. As a testament to FENDI's zero waste commitment, these dolls exemplify the brand's circular approach, revitalizing noble materials and underscoring their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.


Furthermore, with its zero-waste approach, FENDI extends its commitment repurposing left-overs from the Fur Atelier to its suppliers, which turn them into luxurious tapestries and fashion accessories.


Preserving elegance


At FENDI, we hold a profound belief in the enduring quality and timeless elegance of our products. We are committed to preserve the beauty and longevity of our iconic bags through innovative initiatives like the Peekaboo Spa.


FENDI believes that its  products are enduring pieces of art designed to last, and they  love taking care of them. In 2021 FENDI launched the “Peekaboo Spa”, a visionary project crafted  to give a second life to its  iconic bag, the Peekaboo. its  customers are invited to an exclusive in-boutique event dedicated to a care session of their Peekaboo bag, restoring the product’s original beauty through  the help of its  expert artisans. In 2023 FENDI planned 66 care sessions across Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and with more than 1000 Peekaboo bags receiving its unique SPA treatment. 

For the next year the commitment is to extend the Peekaboo Spa project to its other  iconic bags, including Baguette.     


Within the luxury sector, prioritizing aftercare is essential to ensure exceptional customer service; this practice also supports sustainability initiatives by revitalizing products, thereby reinforcing FENDI's dedication to environmental responsibility. Fendi's process for addressing client inquiries or concerns requires diligent adherence to the After-Sales Service Steps (AFSS), reassuring clients that their requests will be examined by FENDI experts with care and efficiency. The evaluation of items for After-Sales services is guaranteed to all FENDI clients, regardless of where or when the purchase was made. While FENDI's warranty covers manufacturing defects for purchases made within two years from any FENDI Boutique or authorized reseller with valid proof of purchase, any discrepancies in time or cost estimates during evaluation must be transparently communicated to clients for their acceptance. For more information, please visit the "Product Care" section on FENDI's website.