Product Compliance


As a Maison representing the ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide, FENDI must ensure that all the products are free from hazardous substances and manufactured using safe components.
In 2023 FENDI produced and distributed around 3.000.000 products. Discover more about its Compliance program.

Fendi Testing Programme


In 2015 FENDI took a significant step towards ensuring product safety and environmental responsibility by developing the FENDI Testing Programme.

This initiative reflects FENDI’s commitment to delivering high-quality products while adhering to stringent standards and involves a meticulous two-step process:


FENDI screens all its suppliers to ensure compliance with the LVMH Restricted Substances List (RSL), aligned with international certification standards like OEKO-TEX®, and local regulations including REACH, PROP65, GB 18401-2010;


Following the initial screening, FENDI subjects approximately 2,500 materials across all product categories to assessment tests. These tests are conducted by accredited independent labs and serve as a final check to guarantee adherence to FENDI’s high standards.

Achieving over 95% compliance, FENDI’s commitment to quality and environmental responsibility remains unwavering. Materials that are not compliant with FENDI’s stringent standards are promptly rejected from production.

Click here to discover more about LVMH’s Chemical Management and to download LVMH’s RSL

Product Compliance Results

In its ongoing commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, FENDI conducts comprehensive testing of materials against the LVMH Product Restricted Substances List (PRSL) annually. As indicated in the Chart, the number of materials tested varies by product category and it is tracked diligently each year.


Responsible Disposal Of Hazardous Waste

As part of the LVMH Group, since 2019 FENDI has been working with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation. FENDI is committed to ensuring zero discharge of chemical pollutants. To reach this goal, it is essential to follow responsible chemical management practices all over the supply chain.

FENDI, as well as the Group, has decided to take a holistic systems approach to Responsible Chemical Management, implementing the following practices in the supply chain:

  1. ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL): FENDI strictly adheres to the list of restricted substances in manufacturing processes and to the concentration limits that are allowed.
  2. ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS): FENDI’s commitment extends to implementing a framework of good business practices that emphasize processes fostering responsible chemicals management
  3. ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines (WW): FENDI employs these guidelines and indicators to measure wastewater, sludge, and air quality in the Input and Process Areas, ensuring that the output water and air meet safety standards.

ZDHC Foundation implemented the ZDHC Gateway, a platform that serves to ensure transparency and collaboration and to eliminate harmful substances from global supply chains. This initiative hosts the world’s largest database dedicated to enabling safer choices of chemical products in the textile, apparel, and footwear industry.

Looking ahead, FENDI has set up a target for 2023 to ensure ZDHC conformity among its suppliers:



Restricted Substances List

Chemical Management System



ZDHC Tool to check the level
of conformity vs MRSL

Supplier To Zero
ZDHC tool and platform for
self-evaluation and suppliers’ improvement

WasteWater TestingClearStream Report:
verified wastewater test results


Be registered into Gateway
At Least 80% in volume of fabric and
leather suppliers are compliant vs MRSL

At Least 65% in volume of
fabric and leather suppliers are certified foundational level, of which 20% are certified progressive level

At least 65% in volume of fabric and
leather suppliers proving the
“Clear Stream Report” status

38 % Fabrics
67 % Leather

Suppliers with ZDHC Fundational Level

32 % Fabrics
41 % Leather

Suppliers with Clear Stream Report