Circularity @Fendi

Collaborations with social cooperatives

FENDI values all the raw materials used for its products. It has been implementing different strategies and initiatives along the entire life cycle of its products to reduce waste associated with pre-consumer surplus and end-of-production materials.


Recycling Partnership

Embracing the principles of circularity, FENDI has developed an ambitious waste management system dedicated to recycle and give new life to end-of-stock raw materials and unsold finished products. In a strategic partnership with both Green Line, an Italian company that collects and recycles fabrics and textile products, and Reverso™, its partner, FENDI has taken significant strides towards circular supply chain practices.

Thanks to this valuable collaboration, FENDI has been able to recycle wool, precious wool, cotton, and denim, and put them back into the Reverso™ supply chain. Its commitment to circular waste management doesn't stop there; FENDI has extended its efforts to include mixed-fiber fabrics. Through innovative processes, FENDI transforms these fabrics into a material that is reintroduced into the cycles of both the fashion or automotive industries.

Its circular waste management commitment encompasses metallic accessories as well. FENDI has started collaborations with Safimet, an esteemed Italian company specialised in recycling metallic pieces and fashion jewellery, for the production of galvanic salts.

100 %

of garments recycled in 2023

End-Of-Use Optimisation


Its ambition by 2026s to be able to give new life to all end-of-stock raw materials, through recycling, reusing, and donating garments.

FENDI works with Social Cooperatives to give new life to end-of-production materials while supporting employment and social integration.

Donations to associations like Cartiera, Progetto Quid, Roma BPA, and leatherworking schools in Tuscany and Marche serve as a catalyst for transforming end-of-production leathers and fabrics into a white canvas. Through these contributions, FENDI provides a blank slate for the next wave of aspiring artisans, enabling them to unleash their creativity and contribute to the evolution of their craft.

Our Results

More than

4.900 mq of Leather


Donated to Social Cooperatives in 2023.