Circular Services


Fendi Furever

Powered by expertise and creativity, the FENDI Fur Atelier and its artisans give new life to fur and take this noble material to the next level with a circular approach, reducing the environmental impact to zero waste.

Fur Restyling

The FENDI Fur Atelier and its artisans are committed to giving new life to fur with a circular approach.

Every year, around 50 fur pieces are remodeled and restyled, transforming FENDI’s clients’ dreams into reality. This service is possible for all our FENDI furs and available in selected boutiques.

An incredible way of reinventing and ennobling a highly sustainable material that celebrates the artisanal and environmental excellence of our fur masterpieces and demonstrates how fur, just like the most precious jewel, can last forever.


Fur Upcycling

We unceasingly pursue ways to enhance and ennoble fur, a precious and highly versatile material.

With our Couture Collections, the ultimate expression of the Maison’s creativity and savoir-faire, we want to show how precious materials can be reused. Embracing an authentic sustainable approach, we included upcycled vintage FENDI furs in the FENDI Couture Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Collection.

Upcycled fur pieces are becoming a must within the Maison’s Collections, and the Fall-Winter 2021-2022 catwalk is an example of the circularity trend. In particular, the fur creations of the show tell a story of sustainable creativity and promotion of traditional workmanship. Our Fur Artisans crafted them starting from patchwork tables made with upcycled fur fragments, collected and hand sewn together by artisanal family-run laboratories in Greece, thus helping sustain the economy of small local communities’ and preserve their traditions.

Our craftsmanship and creativity are also represented by the transformation of 80 unsold men’s fur gilet and blouson into new fur articles embellished with the FENDI Rain Motif. 

Furthermore, with our zero-waste approach, we continuously donate noble materials to our suppliers, who turn all left-overs from the Fur Atelier into luxurious tapestries and fashion accessories.


Peekaboo the SPA

Our products are designed to last, and we love taking care of them. In 2021 FENDI launched the “Peekaboo Spa” a project born to give a second life to our iconic bag, the Peekaboo. Our customers are invited to an in-boutique event dedicated to a care session of the bag, restoring the product’s original beauty with the help of our expert artisans. 

In 2022 FENDI planned 110 care sessions in Europe, Greater China, Japan, Korea Middle East, SEA with more than 1500 Peekaboo receiving our unique SPA treatment.

For the next year the commitment is to extend the project to our Iconic Bags, Peekaboo and Baguette.