Hand in Hand: Japan

In April 2023, Fendi hosted the Hand in Hand celebration of craftsmanship in Harajuku-Omotesando featuring iterations of the Baguette and Peekaboo made in collaboration with Italian and Japanese artisans.

The making of the Baguette

To mark the exhibition, Fendi invited Aya Nishikata, a fourth-generation artisan and heir of Nishikata Senshoku Kobo atelier, to create a Baguette honouring local traditions. The resulting creation in hand-dyed wool is woven with the Tsuzure Ori technique to enhance its colours and completed with Fendi signature Selleria stitching.

The making of the Peekaboo

Fendi also invited Japanese calligrapher and artist MAMIMOZI to customise a canvas Peekaboo, fusing the visual language of graffiti and traditional calligraphy. For the piece, the artist chose to represent the Kanji character for ‘love’ with a calligraphy representing the word ‘Peekaboo’ appearing when scanned with an AR filter.