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Meet Jamie Campbell

Triple freak-bomb, Jamie Campbell Bower really is as fearless as they come. He’s a mega silver screen actor, an uber-dreamy model and a spry singer. Best known for his roles in Sweeny Todd, Twilight, King Arthur (the list goes on), he’s also the lead vocalist and guitarist of Counterfeit. Dope we know!

1. You play in a punk-rock band, right? So, how important is being fearless to you?
Being fearless is everything. I have to shut off all of my anxieties and all of my worries the moment I go out on stage… If I have that in the back of my head, the show is not gonna work.

2. If you had to choose one of your songs and link it to ‘freedom’, which one would you pick?
‘Enough.’ It was a song that was written when the attacks in Paris happened and it’s a song born out of both fear, but also hope. It’s something that my generation is consistently struggling with and something that we have to experience in a daily basis.

3. F is for…?
F is for… freedom. F is for freedom of self. F is for freedom of everything that stands against us… everything that we can experience and try to put us down. Be free… always!

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