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Meet Chris Eubank Jr

Say ‘hello’ to Chris Eubank Jr, Super Middleweight World Champion and utterly charming lad.

Like father, like son: he’s been following his dad’s steps, who’s a former two-weight world boxing champion. As of February 2018, Chris is ranked as the world's best active super-middleweight by BoxRec, third by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and fourth by The Ring magazine. Snatched, we know!

1. Best song for training?

Mhmm… I wouldn’t say I have a ‘best song’ but I generally train to hip-hop or anything with a strong beat. I don’t have a particular song for training, but before my fights I always walk into a song called ‘Still D.R.E’ by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog.

2. What’s your favorite Italian dish?

My favorite Italian dish is probably spaghetti Bolognese. That is Italian, right?

3. What’s your biggest fear?

I don’t really have many fears. Well, I don’t like sharks but aside from that, there’s nothing that really bothers me. Spiders, snakes, heights… I’m ok with everything. I just don’t like the thought of… getting eaten by a shark! But I guess that’s normal.

4. Is this your first time in Rome? If it were a color, which color would it be?

I think this is my first time in Rome… I may have been here when I was a kid but this is my first time as an adult, but yeah, if I had to describe it as a color, I’d say beige! Everything is beige, all the buildings… and also a lot of green, lots of plants and trees! I don’t know, I’ve never been asked to describe a place by a color!

5. Do you have a secret ritual before stepping into the ring?

Well, I mean, if it was a secret I wouldn’t be able to tell you, right? But you know, every fighter has a way of preparing for a fight. For me it’s just mentally preparing myself, getting in the zone, stretching, warming up. Just channeling my energy and my focus. Thinking about the fight, thinking about winning. I used to get nervous when I first started out… first time you walk into the ring, you know? But now that I’ve been doing it for so many years, I’m just used to it. Maybe sometimes I’ll get anxious, but just because I wanna go out and fight.

6. Would you say you’re a freak like us from F is For? Why?

I’m most definitely a freak! The things I do? You have to be a freak to be a great fighter! I think you have to be a freak to be successful, cos you’re doing things that other people can’t do or won’t do. Sometimes they’ll look at you and go ‘why does he –or she– do that?’ They don’t really get it. So yeah, I’m definitely a fellow freak!

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