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Meet Miss Vava

More than just a pretty face, Vava broke into the mainstream scene as a participant on the hit reality TV show The Rap of China. She then stepped out on her own and got lots of attention for being ‘The First Female Rapper of China’ #girlpower! She’s extremely talented, full of active attitude and utterly beautiful. Can you tell we’re already obsessed?

1. Best song for warming up?

‘My new dress.’ [the song she sang during the #FFreloaded party]

2. When was the first time you saw someone who could really dance?


3. What’s the best thing ever for a singer?

When you’re walking down the street and hear someone sing your song <3 

4. If Shanghai were music, which kind of music would it be?

 Retro style!

5. What’s your favorite Italian word?

I don’t speak Italian, but if I could, I’d say ‘thank you’ to you guys!

6. Would you say you’re a Freak like us?

Definitely, I am!

7. F is For…?


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