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Meet Mr. Doodle

Sam Cox, better known as Mr. Doodle, is an artist and illustrator from London who is known for his unique style of detailed doodles. He’s working on something very special for us, but let’s start getting know him first.

What made you call yourself Mr. Doodle?

I drew over my bedroom and all these different things when I was at University. About 4 years ago, my final year there, I drew over my clothes and I went to University dressed up in these drawn clothes. My tutor took a photo of me and he nick-named me “Sam the Doodle Man”. Then, as I went on, that expression transformed into Mr. Doodle. I thought it was a catchy name people can remember and easily relate to my work.

What was your first influence?

I think it was video games because when I was a kid I loved to play these games. Like Supermario, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. I wanted to create a world of my own with imaginary characters and elements. I realized I really like to draw fun characters and patterns, and I think that’s what my first influence was.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve doodled on?

When I was at University, I went around the neighborhood I lived in, a lot of people put a lot of things they didn’t want outside the house. Like old refrigerators, mattresses and things like that. I used to go out at 4.30 in the morning and draw on different bits of scraps and stuff people would throw away, and I drew on this really weird, kind of weirdly shaped, pink sofa. I think that was one of the weirdest things I’ve doodled on, because of the situation of it- not the actual object.

What have been the biggest milestones in your career?

This is a pretty big one!

What does FENDI mean to you?

FENDI to me means luxurious fun.

Any anecdote from the days on set with FENDI?

On the first day of doodling I was drawing until about 2am, it was a really long day but I loved it. We had a great playlist of music playing whilst I was drawing with one of my massive markers and every so often I'd look over the view from the top of the rooftop and it was awesome. 

It was so dark on the roof that we had these lights beaming at the letters that I was doodling over. When I looked at the reflection on the mirrored letters, because of the night sky and the white concrete floor, it looked and felt as if I was drawing on the moon or something, it was a crazy feeling that I can't really explain.

How many pens do you own? How many do you use in a year?

I probably use about 4 pens per day. So that will be like 28 pens a week on average.

I draw a lot on digital as well. I always draw on my phone and tablet, so then I don’t use pens as much, but I do more physical drawings, I prefer it as well. When you get a sketch book out in a public place, it feels like you’re making a statement or something. People are watching. I don’t always want that! When I’m just travelling around, especially when I’m on the plane next to someone for a long time. But when you get a phone out, everyone gets their phones out, so I can just doodle on it. 

F is For...

F is for… Fun! I think a lot of artists don’t want to be fun, they want to be serious and want people to take them seriously. Which is fine. But I think it can be fun too. And I think making art and drawing is the most fun thing, for me, that you can do. I want people to have fun when they see the work too.

How was doodling on the FENDI rooftop?

Doodling is always fun but doodling on top of the FENDI rooftop was particularly special. It was an amazing platform to be doodling on. Being there and seeing this magnificent building made me very excited to consume Fendi HQ at PDCI with my doodles.

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