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Meet Pokras Lampas

An official Calligraffiti ambassador (and freak), Pokras Lampas is one of the most talented modern artists. He totally self-developed Calligrafuturism and has been traveling all over the world, spreading the word about modern calligraphy and collaborating with crazy cool brands and artists.

1. Hi, tell us why you’re a FREAK like us from F is For…
Hi, I’m a freak because I’m a modern artist, I have no limits in art, I’m using huge brushes, I’m painting over the world, and I believe that modern art can inspire a lot of people with something new and fresh.

2. What inspires you in life?
Everything is inspiration for me. Music, new countries, new alphabets, new tools, new people. I believe that you need to keep your eyes open, so when you see something simple like letters on the road for example, you can just turn it into something artistic. That’s the way to be unique.

3. Graffiti. Calligraffiti. Calligrafuturism. Tell us more.
For me, Calligraffiti is a great way to create art non-stop. Now I can easily take a big bucket of paint and perform my art everywhere. On walls, on glass, on cars!
The Calligrafuturism is my self-developed style. We’re all living in a multi-cultural world and if I can help people to learn more about foreign calligraphy, they’ll learn more about other countries. So that’s why Calligrafuturism is so important for me, I don’t want to make something new just because I’m crazy, I want to create it because I can see a very big knowledge and that’s why I’m doing it.

4. Your artworks are white, gold, black and, occasionally, flashy colors. What color is Rome?
Ever since I came to Rome I’ve seen a lot of sun and a lot of outstanding architecture. The history of the city just reminds me of yellow.

5. What do you ‘write’ about in your art? Do you ever get writer’s block?
Expressing my feelings about modern life, modern people. How to make it fearless, how to be freaky, how to have fun. It’s great that F is For… is about the same, that’s why I feel very comfortable and I want to express it to the world.

6. What would your artwork write about Rome?
Usually when I’m coming to new cities, there’s a huge amount of different kinds of art and architecture. So, I like to go deep into the city, to understand it, and then I can write something. So, for now, I’m just trying to feel the city very well and then hopefully I will have something really special to say.

7. What’s your favorite soundtrack to create like crazy?
One of the most inspiring artists is Kanye West because he’s one of the first who started to create very synthetic parts of music based on his human voice and when I heard these deconstructions I got really inspired because calligraphy is also about deconstruction sometimes and about understanding what’s behind the word, behind the letters. If I had to choose one song, I would say Runaway. I loved his video and I love that song.

8. Best surface to write on?
I’m always in search of the best surface. Of course, I prefer something smooth, but it depends on the material and the tools. So, if I could find something very nice to work on outside this earth, it would probably be the moon. That would be my favorite surface!

9. Have you got a dream collaboration?
It’s important to think about the brand or company, not only about the attention you get from the artists, because if you’re doing stuff that makes you proud then it’s memorable. For example, I will never forget this rooftop, not only because it’s Rome and Fendi, but also because of the people. Because together, we have like a ‘united power’ and it makes me proud of the product and the results.

10. F is For… ?
Freaky, fun, fresh! F is for crazy people, inspired people, original people.

11. How did you get to F is For… ?
A few months ago, Cristiana from Fendi sent me a message and I was very surprised with the project because it’s Rome and it’s an amazing building. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place and when I saw the rooftop, I was amazed because it’s the biggest temporary canvas I’ve seen and Cristiana and all the F is For/Fendi team have made an awesome job and I’m super proud and thankful.


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