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Meet Sasha Trautvein

Sasha is no doubt more than what meets the eye… Known for showcasing his most personal thoughts and feelings on his skin, Sasha has been taking over our insta screens for a while now. He’s already scored major collabs with international brands while also speaking up for real-life issues. If you ask us, there’s nothing better than a rebel with a cause.

1. If you could only keep one of your tattoos which one would it be and why?

The tattoo on my shoulder because it represents the change in my life.

2. What or who is your motivation when it comes to your professional path?

I try to follow my own path, so I’m really not ‘motivated’ by anyone. 

3. What is your favorite Italian meal?

I love risotto!

4. What is your favorite Instagram account?


5. Did you always want to become a model?

No, even now I wouldn’t classify myself as a model… I’m more of an influencer. 

6. When and where did you meet Winnie Harlow for the first time?

It was at an event in Paris, Rita Ora was performing there. We’re all under the same management team so it felt like family. 

7. What would you say F is For…?


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