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Doodling in Rome

Have you ever wanted to write your name on something really, really big? Like, size of a building big? Well, Mr. Doodle has. He is obsessed with – you guessed it – doodling. He draws on walls, floors, ceilings, anything he can put his pen on – and, just for us, he takes over our HQ in Rome, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, covering it in is black and white squiggles with a special twist: an accent of FENDI yellow. 

It isn’t just the roof of the building that Mr. Doodle drew his special “Spaghetti Graffiti” on, it is also on giant mirrored letters that spelled out FENDI, ROMA, and the FF, FENDI double F logo. Reflecting the beautiful blue Roman sky, he draws his abstract squiggles on the letters… it’s almost like they are infinite... joining the letters, the building, the sky all together with his bold interconnected lines and shapes.

Dynamic frames show a parallelism between Mr. Doodle writing and Caterina, a young tailor of the FENDI atelier, stitching on Mr. Doodle’s jumpsuit. She combines different tailoring techniques to create a unique tailor-made piece, celebrating craftsmanship in an unexpected way. We use to call it #FendiCraFF, a sublimation of the hand-made in which the graffiti art meets the heritage of FENDI. 

That’s it? Not really.

We said Mr. Doodle can’t stop drawing and he became the first person in the world to doodle on a FENDI Peekaboo bag. Doodling the words ‘FENDI’ and ‘Roma’, alongside some love hearts and fun little characters. It was something surprising – just like Mr. Doodle himself. 

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