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Mrs Pound

Bloody Mary, brunch and more: the coolest place with the best backstory!

Legend has it that the charismatic burlesque dancer, Mrs. Pound, was a world traveler and super charmer. Rumor also has it that she ran away with her true love, who gave her his favorite stamp shop, and that to this day he keeps the shopfront to hide her away!

Besides being an incredibly alluring story-holder, this is a neon-filled and color-packed place. The best part is they also offer the most delish drinks, dinner, lunch and brunch.

Enjoy your time there (no need to tell you), just remember: Mrs. Pound may be watching!

6 Pound Ln, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


6 Pound Ln, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong - T. +852 3426 3949

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