Hand in Hand

LazioReflecting Rome’s rich historical heritage with the ancient jewellery-crafting technique of “granulatura”. discover more

AbruzzoAn ode to creative excellence, “tombolo aquilano” lace is exquisitely crafted using a centuries-old technique. discover more

VenetoRich floral brocade inspired by Venice’s glorious history is woven on authentic Jacquard looms. discover more

UmbriaOpulent fabrics featuring Medieval Italian designs pay homage to Perugia’s beauty and tradition. discover more

tuscanyLike a modern sculpture, this seamless Fendi Baguette is hand-moulded from a single piece of leather using the “cuoio artistico fiorentino” technique. discover more

PugliaEthereal floral motifs are lovingly handcrafted in the traditional Apulian technique “chiacchierino”. discover more

MarcheNatural textures and tones define this Fendi Baguette, interlaced by hand from supple willow branches native to the region. discover more

MoliseIsernia’s renowned ivory-white lacework features ultralight spirals and delicate geometries that compliment the iconic bag shape. discover more

CalabriaShowcasing the art of weaving ginestra broom fibers, this all-natural Fendi Baguette features local traditional motifs and plant-based tinctures. discover more

sardiniaA contemporary interpretation of the traditional pibiones double-sided weave, featuring Fendi’s signature patterns. discover more

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