Fendi at Design Miami

This year, the Maison presents Fendibackfrontals by Bless, the transdisciplinary studio founded by Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag.


The collaboration is a playground of multifaceted approaches, a conscious inventory of what the Maison embodies today.


The booth is dominated by four double-sided paravents conceived by BLESS and realised in partnership with Fendi Casa to create frontside scenery and backside parcours–each a three-dimensional micro universe that allows visitors to dive into an exported fragment of Fendi.

“With Fendibackfrontals, Bless is looking to bring the inside out and offer a more complete and human view of a fashion brand. Visitors are offered both direct access to an embodied translation of the admiration Bless feels towards both the public and private sides of Fendi and the extraordinary craftsmanship that supports it.” – Bless