Fendi lifestyle accessories imbue homes with sumptuous touches, from serving trays featuring the Fendi O’Lock to to vases in Murano glass and Carrara marble.
  • Fendi Roma Tower Game

    Box in plexiglass and brown leather

    BHD 1.650,00
  • Large Fendi Roma Backgammon Set

    Pequin wood Backgammon Box

    BHD 3.390,00
  • Fendi Roma Trio

    Pequin wood box

    BHD 1.650,00
  • Fendi Roma Noughts and Crosses Set

    Pequin wooden Noughts and Crosses Box

    BHD 2.390,00
  • Fendi Roma Mahjong Set

    Pequin wooden Mahjong Box

    BHD 4.850,00
  • Small Fendi Roma Backgammon Set

    Two-tone nappa leather Backgammon Box

    BHD 2.390,00
  • Fendi Roma Playing Cards

    Two-tone nappa leather playing cards box

    BHD 390,00
  • Ball

    Brown leather ball

    BHD 510,00
  • Surfboard

    Brown wooden surfboard

    BHD 3.450,00
  • FF Skimboard

    FF wooden board

    BHD 990,00
  • Skateboard

    Brown wooden skateboard

    BHD 840,00
  • Fendi O’Lock Pocket Emptier

    White porcelain pocket emptier

    BHD 210,00

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