Gifts for Kids

Discover the selection of holiday gifts for Fendi kids of all ages. For gifting advice please contact our Digital Stylists.
  • Changing Bag

    Black leather and nylon changing bag

    C$ 1,750.00
  • Baby Blanket

    Cotton and cashmere knit blanket with FF logo

    C$ 790.00
  • Toy Bag

    Tobacco shearling toy bag

    C$ 4,200.00
  • Mink Blanket

    FF Logo mink blanket

    C$ 9,300.00
  • Baby slippers

    Shearling baby slippers with Fendi logo

    C$ 950.00
  • Carpet

    FF logo shearling teddy bear carpet

    C$ 13,900.00
  • Playsuit

    Tobacco cotton and cashmere playsuit

    C$ 990.00
  • Set Of Socks

    Set of multicolour cotton baby socks

    C$ 230.00
  • Baby Sleeping Bag

    Beige jersey sleeping bag with logo

    C$ 470.00

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  • Baby Blanket

    Beige jersey Fendi Roma blanket

    C$ 450.00

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  • Baby Set

    Beige jersey baby set with logo

    C$ 610.00

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  • Baby Blanket

    Beige jersey blanket with logo

    C$ 420.00

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