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Meet Sadie

1. Hi, tell us why you’re a FREAK like us from F is For…!
I’ve never been ‘the norm’. Instinctively, I strive to protect my individuality however it’s expressed, whether in my appearance, tone of voice or design ethic. I love to go against the grain with a radical, avant-garde perception of the world.

2. What do you listen to when you design your collections?
I’m often on the go when I’m designing my collections. Ideas come to me on the bus or the tube but if I have the choice I listen to old school funk and indulge in a little Maxi Priest. Grace Jones is my muse so the ultimate inspiration!

3. What’s the most creative piece you’ve ever made?
The full copper dress I created as part of my Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. I took all the principles I’ve learnt about design, pattern-cutting and assembly, and fused them in the most extreme way with copper metal. Perfection.

4. How did copper become your signature element? Are there any other special materials that attract you?
I have a deep spirituality linked to crystals and stones. The more I found out about copper, the more I realized that it’s actually copper that chose me. It’s a lucky element that represents mental agility and quick wit.

5. You’ve had the chance to meet and work with many artists and celebrities. Have you ever been starstruck? By who?
I haven’t been starstruck yet, but maybe I will the day I meet Grace Jones. I have to admit that I’m a shoeaholic though, so meeting Manolo Blahnik was epic!

6. F is For…?
‘Fro – being a freak my hair has always been a signature for me. It’s a symbol of strength, of freedom and super femininity. It has opened up many opportunities for me while yet it keeps me grounded about who I am.

@Sadie Clayton

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