• Baby Blanket

    Pink jersey blanket with teddy bear

    C$ 370.00
  • Baby Jacket

    Pink ultra-lightweight nylon baby jacket

    C$ 990.00
  • Baby Jumper

    Baby wool jumper with Fendi lettering

    C$ 650.00

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  • Baby Trousers

    Baby wool trousers

    C$ 650.00
  • Baby Coat

    Pink and double-face wool cloth baby coat with logo

    C$ 2,390.00
  • Baby Set

    Pink jersey baby set

    C$ 470.00

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  • Baby Dress

    Pink and multicolour poplin baby dress

    C$ 850.00
  • Blanket

    Pink and multicolour poplin blanket

    C$ 710.00
  • Baby Dress

    Pink tulle and embroidery dress

    C$ 950.00
  • Baby Shirt Jacket

    Pink fleece and FF nylon reversible shirt jacket

    C$ 1,290.00

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  • Baby Sleeping Bag

    Pink jersey Fendi Roma sleeping bag

    C$ 530.00

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  • Baby Kit

    Pink jersey Fendi Roma kit

    C$ 610.00

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