Fendi & Accademia Massoli

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The Massoli Academy is dedicated to nurturing the talents of aspiring young artisans providing them with the traditional skills and meticulous precision essential for creating haute couture masterpieces.


In 2016, FENDI launched a collaboration with Sartorthe, a renowned couture workshop that has shared a close working relationship with the Roman house since 1982. This collaboration marked the official establishment of the Massoli Academy.
This ambitious project is designed to transmit the unique dressmaking savoir-faire to new generations of artisans and to preserve the prestige of “Made in Italy” craftsmanship. Since 2019, Fendi and Accademia Massoli have started a partnership with the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME) launching a comprehensive program that last 1550 hours and spans theoretical and practical subjects.

The comprehensive project covers theoretical and practical subjects, enabling the apprentices to become experts in every aspect of couture, from specific dressmaking techniques and prototyping from designs to fabric cutting, to courses on the history of fashion, marketing, and management.

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