Environmental and Social Responsibility of Suppliers

Environmental and Social Responsibility of Suppliers

Faithful to its ethical approach, FENDI is strongly committed to carefully monitoring its suppliers, in order to identify potential risks along the supply chain.

Suppliers Code Of Conduct

At FENDI, the goal is to be sorrounded by suppliers that share its ethical and moral values.

Before any collaboration, FENDI hold its suppliers to the highest standards by requesting their endorsement of its Suppliers Code of Conduct: a formal document outlining the company’s principles and values, that ought to be respected by all its suppliers.

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Along with its Suppliers Code of Conduct, FENDI has also developed an additional security measure: the Monitoring Program.This initiative reinforces its commitment to upholding exemplary social and environmental standards across the supply chain.
Under the guidance of Audirevi Spa, a trusted second-party auditor renowned for its expertise, FENDI conducts rigorous on-field audits that serve as a proactive measure to ensure that its suppliers adhere to FENDI’s stringent policies and practices.

The Monitoring Program enables to fostering stronger collaborations with suppliers that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable development. At the same time, it empowers FENDI to identify areas for improvement and address any significant issue that may arise.

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2023 Audit Result

In 2023, 445 audits were performed. 88% of FENDI production came from audited suppliers.


  • Satisfactory 11%
  • Need improvement 71%
  • Need major improvement 13%
  • Unacceptable 5%


  • Satisfactory 53%
  • Need improvement 39%
  • Need major improvement 7%
  • Unacceptable 1%


  • Satisfactory 100%
  • Need improvement 0%
  • Need major improvement 0%
  • Unacceptable 0%


  • Satisfactory 98%
  • Need improvement 0%
  • Need major improvement 1%
  • Unacceptable 1%

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