Leather & Fur


Precious materials such as fur and leather are at the core of FENDI artisanal craftsmanship and rich heritage.

FENDI’s commitment: 100% strategic raw materials responsibly sourced by 2026


The profound respect FENDI has for such materials is the reason for its commitment to exclusively working with ethically sourced raw materials, produced in compliance with the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards.

At the forefront of FENDI’s priorities is the preservation of workers’ well-being , the environment, and biodiversity across every stage of the animal-based supply chains. FENDI’s strategic approach relies on the ambitious goal of reducing its impact on nature and its commitment is fortified by both quantitative and qualitative targets that ensure the responsible sourcing and processing of raw materials.

LVMH has published an ambitious Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter, that defines both the Group and its Maisons’ concrete commitments in advancing the responsible sourcing of fur, leather, exotic leather, wool, and feathers.

For further details, check out LVMH’s Animal-Based Raw Material Charter.

As part of LVMH, FENDI actively contributes to fostering transparency within the industry by participating in the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a more transparent and responsible business landscape .




For FENDI , fur stands as the most precious material, manually crafted and fashioned by skilled and experienced artisans. FENDI’s pride resonates in its in-house fur atelier, where craftsmanship and creative skills converge to embody the quintessence of savoir-faire and materialise as artistic expression.


As a global leader in crafting and designing fur collections, FENDI adheres to the highest ethical sourcing standards, ensuring full compliance with international, national, and regional regulations, embracing traceability as a cornerstone for transparency and innovation. Its mission is to ethically supply top-quality furs for those customers who freely choose to wear fur, and its unwavering commitment lies in respecting the diverse spectrum of opinions and safeguarding freedom of choice.

Pelts purchased in 2023

  • Mink 86%
  • Fox 1%
  • Sable 5%
  • Chinchilla 5%
  • Other (BobCat Karacul/ Astrakhan / Swakara) 3%

FENDI has established long-lasting partnerships and fostered ongoing dialogue with the best suppliers – from International Auction Houses to Italian tanneries - who ensure the procurement of only certified Welfur Standard pelts, in line with the LVMH animal-based sourcing principles.

In 2022 FENDI adopted Furmark®, a comprehensive global certification and traceability system for natural fur that guarantees adherence to rigorous animal welfare and environmental standards along the supply chain. Furmark® encompasses several certification programmes, each subjected to third-party assessment, with Welfur being one of them.

Setting a clear trajectory for its commitment to responsible sourcing of mink and fox FENDI has set an ambitious target: achieved 100% certified Furmark® pelts by 2023. This goal underscores its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental responsibility in its fur sourcing practices.

100 %

Mink & Fox pelts furmark certified in 2023

100 %

Mink & Fox pelts FURMARK certified by 2024



Leather stands as an enduring staple for FENDI, and its commitment extends to ensuring its procurement in the most responsible and traceable manner.

Pelts purchased in 2023

  • Bovine 69%
  • Sheep & Lamb 30%
  • Other (Deer, Pig) 1%

FENDI’s priority is to source leather from tanneries affiliated with the Leather Working Group, in line with the LVMH animal-based sourcing principles. This multi-stakeholder group, composed of multiple collaborators, develops and maintains a protocol to ensure the highest standards in chemical usage, water conservation, wastewater management and energy efficiency.

FENDI achieved the target of 98% of production from Leather Working Group certified suppliers. In addition to the commitment of 98% of Leather purchased by LWG certified tanneries, FENDI commits to source at least 75% of the leather from tanneries with the highest LWG rating (Gold or Silver medal)"

To read more, check out the LVMH Environmental Report and the Leather Working Group Website.


In its continuous pursuit of innovation, FENDI is currently advancing alternative approaches to traditional tanning methods within its tanneries, introducing for example metal- and chrome-free tanning inall its core products, like the iconic Selleria line. This forward-thinking initiative underscores FENDI’s dedication to embracing responsible practices and signifies a transformative stride towards its responsible commitment in the core product offerings.

98 %

of production from LWG certified suppliers

75 %

Tanneries certified LWG with Silver or Gold Medal

Exotic Leather


As one of the LVMH Maisons, FENDI purchases exotic leather exclusively from certified farms adhering to strict animal welfare standards and identified by a certification of origin that guarantees rigorous control across the supply chain - from the farm to its boutique.

Specifically for crocodile leather, FENDI adheres to the pioneering LVMH standards for responsible crocodilian leather sourcing, developed by technical experts and validated by NSF International. The entire supply chain is evaluated on 4 pillars:

  1. Conservation of the species, and respect of local communities;
  2. Adherence to animal welfare principles;
  3. Ensuring favorable working conditions;
  4. Commitment to environmental protection.

In 2023, 100% of the Crocodilian Leather supplied came from farms that were either audited or certified under the guidelines of the LVMH Crocodilian Standard.

Click here to read more about these standards.

95 %

LWG certified leather in 2023

100 %

of crocodilian leather supplied by Audited o Certified by LVMH standards in 2023

80 %

Tanneries certified LWG with Silver or Gold Medal