FENDI Worldwide Action Day


At its second edition, FENDI Action Day in 2022 become worldwide.

The initiative launched to promote half working day dedicated to civil commitment and the protection of the environment.

In 2022, in many offices around the world, volunteer projects have taken action contributing concretely to help those who are less fortunate, restore new strength to nature and improve the territory in which we live.

The Italian edition, held on October 26, in collaboration with Ambiente Mare Italia and Angeli del Bello, Associations working to protect the environment from all forms of pollution, involved more than 400 colleagues in the redevelopment and cleaning of Villa Strozzi park in Florence and a beach on the coast of Lazio and Marche regions. The result was exciting: 970 kilograms of waste were collected, an achievement that makes FENDI proud to improve our Planet more and more.