In 2022, FENDI launched a new project F-forFoundation, the first charity sale for its employees whose revenues have been donated to charity.

November 2022: FENDI raised €107,000 for local charities including the Italian Red Cross, Litografi Vesuviani, Salute Donna, Mirability, and Cartiera.

The funds supported several causes, such as art therapy courses for oncology patients, people with cognitive and behavioural neurodiversity of all ages and the relief to victims of landslides in Ischia.

In addition, thanks to this initiative, we were able to reduce the environmental impact of our products by giving a second life to more than 2000 boxes that were destined to disposal.

May 2023: FENDI raised €30,000 for Salvamamme, an Italian association that provides everyday essentials to women and children who have been forced from their homes.

The funds supported The Rescue Suitcase", a kit which will contain everything necessary for the everyday life of the women and their children.

The initiatives highlighted FENDI's commitment to supporting selected organizations to offer new employment and social integration opportunities to more people in need and to help children and patients entrusted to their care.