Fendi People


Our human resources policy is focused on listening and communicating with employees and aims at ensuring their well-being and safety.

Fendi Code Of Conduct

FENDI has chosen to adopt the LVMH Code of Conduct, a set of principles that provides a common framework and inspires the Group, and therefore FENDI, in the conduct of its businesses to guide each Maison in the exercise of our responsibilities.

The Code brings together the fundamental principles that illustrate our shared commitment and guide the way we carry out our day-to-day activities, stating the principles that lead each of us, as well as our partners and suppliers.

Click here to access the Fendi Code of Conduct

Contracts & Terms Of Employment

FENDI adopts all the measures provided by the local Legislations and by the National Bargaining Collective Agreements signed by the most representative Trade Unions (when applicable), which define every aspect of the employment relationship. E.g. FENDI Italian Collective Contracts.

Click below to access the FENDI Italian Collective Contracts.

In addition, FENDI has also signed, with local Trade Unions in Italy, further supplementary agreements with the purpose of defining annual collective performance/production premium, company welfare plan, organization of a flexible working time and the improvement of health coverages.

Holidays & Paid Leave

We acknowledge the yearly entitlement of Holidays for each employee as established by the applicable Legislation and National Bargaining Collective Agreements signed by the most representative Trade Unions (when applicable).

To allow proper use of the Holiday periods, annual planning of the Company Closings is defined and communicated well in advance to all employees for both summer and winter breaks.

In FENDI the HR Teams carry out periodical verifications to check and facilitate the use of all individual residual entitlements. Moreover, in Italy every employee can manage and monitor the totality of accumulated holidays and the days off used every month through an internal tool (personal timekeeping portal).

Maternity Rights & Parental Leave

We acknowledge maternity rights (pregnancy permits, maternity leave, parental leave, child sickness leave, breastfeeding permits, temporary part-time transformation, etc.) as planned by the applicable Legislation and by the National Bargaining Agreement signed by the most representative Trade Unions (when applicable).

In Italy, maternity leave is considered as a flexible period: the first five months are of compulsory abstention from work (compulsory maternity leave), which can be successively extended according to the needs of each specific case (optional maternity leave).


The Culture @Fendi


FENDI has always been characterised by strong feminine leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, starting with the company founder Adele Fendi and then carried on by her five daughters.

Since then, we have been taking every opportunity to further build an organisational culture based on broader inclusion. Over the years FENDI people have actively participated in EllesVMH Group initiatives both as participants, testimonials or facilitators 
(e.g. Ellescoaching, Elles Event in the different Regions and Paris, EllesVMH Accelerator Day, etc.).

FENDI Global employees are 64% women and 36% men, a gender distribution that is also reflected in our Global Management.

WW Distribution by Gender

  • Female 64%
  • Male 36%

WW Managment by Gender

  • Female 63%
  • Male 37%

Looking at the Generation distribution among the ones that are currently active on the job market – Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z – each one is represented. The Millennials make up two-thirds of the entire FENDI population while a higher and higher percentage of Gen Z is entering the company.

WW Distribution by Generation

  • Millennials 65%
  • Gen X 24%
  • Gen Z 8%
  • Baby Boomer 3%

FENDI today is a diversified and international environment: on a Global level, our Maison enlists people from 108 different nationalities. The most represented ones are Italy, China, United States, Japan and Korea, that together account for 68% of the total.


FENDI also values gender equality from a compensation point of view and we continuously work to improve it.

Ratio between the average fixed pay of women and men


Annual Salary Female/Male

Top Management


Middle Management





Annual Salary Female/Male

Top Management


Middle Management





Annual Salary Female/Male

Production Workers



FENDI supports its company vision of Diversity and Inclusion as a pillar of current and future success. Dedicated initiatives and projects are launched to sustain and respect the different cultures in which FENDI operates all over the world, such as the FENDInclusion initiative in the USA and FEND&I in Italy.

The FEND&I project was launched with the aim of raising awareness among our employees towards the importance of Diversity & Inclusion and to increase our sense of belonging to the FENDI Family.

A long-term journey has begun with the ambition to create an organizational culture based on mutual empathy and respect, to face current and future challenges in a more and more multicultural world.

Many initiatives have been launched as part of the FEND&I project, already involving more than one thousand Employees in Italy:

  • 2 training courses focused on D&I topics: “Recruiting without discrimination” and “LVMH unconscious bias campaign”;
  • Several focus groups involving colleagues from Italy and other countries worldwide have been organized, with the aim of opening a dialogue on D&I, gathering perspectives, suggestions and expectations of our people to develop further actions;
  • Developing a continuous internal phygital communication campaign to keep the discussion on D&I matters open.


FENDI considers a correct work-life balance as a key element of a culture based on respecting the uniqueness of people, through several initiatives such as the Concierge Service, Shuttle to the closest Metro station, Yoga Classes, Gympass initiatives in Rome.


We implemented a Remote Working Company Policy offering this opportunity to all employees whose jobs could be performed from home. Individual agreements have been then signed with all employees that have access to smart working.

We allow employees to work from any location, provided that it ensures full availability of the employee, adequate connection coverage and confidentiality of company information.


At FENDI, we are developing a transversal & pragmatic approach to Sustainability, engaging all departments and levels within the company. We build strong & relevant initiatives to involve FENDI people on environmental & social targets:

In 2022 - Assignment of 1 quantitative Sustainability Objective into the Top Management Performance & Carrier Review (from 10% to 20% of executive bonus)

In 2022 - Launch of the first edition of WW FENDI ACTION DAY, an initiative encouraging all employees to dedicate half of their working day to volunteering activities in local environmental and social projects involving more than 500 employees around the world.

In 2023 - Eco Design Training: a 3-day training dedicated to our Design, Product & Research Teams to discover EcoDesign.

In 2023 - New D&I training program: customized on the needs of the FENDI population based in Italy to increase awareness of Diversity & Inclusion.