Stores Impact


Store Certification

We have also been one of the first of the LVMH Group to embark on a journey to make all stores more efficient thanks to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This ambitious certification program is the most widely used rating system for the environmental impact of buildings, assessing resource-efficient design, construction, operations, and maintenance of buildings.

    In 2022 we obtained the LEED Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) Certification for nine newly opened stores. This certification applies to new buildings and aims at developing indoor spaces that are better for the planet and people. The next target is to have 24 new stores worldwide LEED ID+C certified by the end of 2023;
    We also put in place ambitious targets for our existing stores with the LEED Operations & Management (O&M) certification. This certification applies to existing buildings and aims at improving their environmental impact, energy efficiency, and resource use and to monitor and guarantee the best quality of the indoor environment for customers and employees.

    In 2022 we obtained the LEED O&M certification for 14 stores. The target is to have 10 stores certified LEED O&M by the end of 2023.
    In addition to the LEED program, we have also embraced the new LVMH LIFE in Stores Certification Scheme Version4, structured upon 36 quality requirements that are stricter or equivalent to national and international standards and certifications, such as LEED, BREEAM, and HQE.  In 2022 we did the first pilot in MILANO GALLERIA, achieved BRONZE level of the new certification protocol.

Click here to discover more about the LVMH LIFE in Stores program.

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Energy Management


As proof of our commitment to protecting the environment, we have decided to switch to 100% renewable energy sources for all our stores and sites. All electricity for stores and sites in Italy, France and UK, are already renewably sourced. The objective in the near future is to extend this commitment to our entire network.


Stores are an important showcase of a brand’s sustainability commitment. This is why we have been working on a strategy to lower the environmental footprint of our stores worldwide. As part of the LVMH Group, we have enthusiastically joined the LVMH LIFE in Stores Award, which encourages LVMH Maisons to implement environmental best practices in stores. In 2022 the Milano Galleria Store won the STORE AWARD for Air Quality.

In 2021 we started a research and development program on a new LED lighting system. The first pilot project was carried out in our Montenapoleone store, in Milan. After switching to 100% LED lightning, we observed a better lighting focus on merchandising and a more comfortable and elegant environment, which also led to 30% CO2 –eq emissions. This has now become a Best Practice for all new openings, and the objective in the near future is to extend this commitment to all suitable stores.


The energy reporting project consists of the installation of a multi-meter into the electrical cabinet of the store. Energy Meters enable the remote live reading of the actual energy consumption. The benefits of this project are many: compare and track consumption in live time and prevent wastes and inefficiencies. 
In 2022 we installed the meters in 32 flagship stores, as represented in the mapping below.

The target for 2023 is to install further 47 new meters

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