Responsible Packaging


We extend our sustainable sourcing commitment to a distinctive element of our brand’s image – packaging. All paper and cardboard used for FENDI’s shoppers and boxes are 100% recyclable and are 100% Forest Stewardship Council® certified.

Today, we are committed to three main strategic streams concerning the sourcing and the management of all the materials used to transport and protect our products:

  1. Minimising the quantity and the volume of the materials used for our packaging;
  2. Favouring recycled materials, mainly plastic and paper; 
  3. Eliminating plastic from virgin fossil oil by 2026 (as a medium-term goal).
Our Results
87 %

Packaging with Recycled Plastic in 2022

Our Target
0 %

Plastic from virgin fossil oil by 2026

We created a dedicated task force involving all of FENDI’s production sites aiming at reducing and reusing plastics and packaging materials. Today we achieved the ambitious goal of 0 plastic use in our warehouse located in Sesto Fiorentino.